Stop The Sagging.

by on August 18, 2012

I don’t even know how this became a trend, but it quickly became an epidemic. Sagging has been prominent for several years now and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Why do people sag? Do they think it’s attractive or is it being that it became ” the cool thing to do”? I surely don’t hold the answers to these questions but I can give my opinion on it. Sagging is one of the most horrendous things ever to happen in the fashion world. One thing I know for sure is that, it isn’t going away anytime soon as many high profile celebrities have adopted this way of wearing your pants also. Especially when you have kids and young adults who look up to some of these figures, they will follow and do whatever is being done by the celebrities.

I know sagging goes back to the whole concept that is related to prison but I’m not concerned with the origins, I just want it to come to and end. It’s not cute when people see your underwear especially when it’s not clean. Some people sag to showcase their luxurious belts or boxers while some people don’t even know why they sag their pants.

Sagging can give off a message of you having no class. I understand that some people don’t know better as it has been infused into their culture but I don’t think this should be a way of wearing your pants. Some people have their pants so low, it’s a wonder why they even still need a belt. Maybe I’m being irrational or rude, but I don’t think this is beneficial to fashion or even to the culture of people. What do you think?