Is The Swag Right: Fred Perry Clothing

by on August 20, 2012

I have known about this brand for close to three years now and since the beginning, I’ve been impressed by Fred Perry designs. This opinion hasn’t changed over the years, but it has grown even stronger. Fred Perry is an English company, but their presence is felt all over the world. Through their clothing and merchandise, you can tell that they pride themselves on authenticity, simplicity and integrity.

My personal favorites from Fred Perry are their tops – this consists of anything from a shirt to a sweater, etc. Their designs are plain and simple for the most part, while sometimes they blend two colors together; all in all these items are masterfully made. The material itself feels like heaven and their fits are great – I do find that they run a tad bit smaller than other brands, though.

For me, the greatest thing about Fred Perry is their logo. The laurel wreath is something that is known across the world, and it’s a beautifully constructed. The brand doesn’t tend to go overboard with its items and that’s what keeps it alive. People love the simple things that are easy on the eye. Although their designs are understated, they adds a sense of sophistication to your look. I mean what man doesn’t like to look decent in a nice short sleeve polo right?

If you’re looking for some new shirts, you should most definitely take a look at Fred Perry and discover something new if you aren’t familiar with them.