The Evolution Of Laces

by on August 21, 2012

I’m sure you noticed the change in laces also and it’s surely not shocking. Laces are very integral when it comes to sneakers as it loosens it or tightens it but now it has also became a way to add swag to your sneakers. There are so many innovations that have came from the development of laces and some have most definitely left their marks on the fashion world.

Methods of Lacing: Over the years we have seen different trends in the techniques used in lacing your shoe. Some people tend to do different patterns with them, while some people tend to pull them out extensively in order for them to hang out. While the conventional person like me who doesn’t like tying sneakers, just draw out the laces just enough so the tip of the laces hangs out the hole of the shoe.

Laces’s Ad-On: One prominent ad-on that I have noticed for a while and which was very popular a few years ago was lace locks. Lace locks add a unique flair to sneakers especially the old Clientele golden lace locks. I believe that lace locks should become more existent, people should invest in selling them for they are a great addition to a sneaker.

Lace Colors & Patterns – Before laces would have a solid color, and no patterns. Laces can be anything from being a vibrant color, reflective or glow in the dark. So many are done with such ridiculous patterns and textures.

When you sit back and think about it, it’s astonishing just how much things can change. Within a few years we may just have laces that will tie themselves or even made out of gold or something outrageous. We will just have to sit around and see what develops. Let me know what you think.