Swag Talk: ‘ParaNorman’ Foamposites

by on August 22, 2012

In the spirit of the newly-released animated movie “ParaNorman,” Nike has created an amazing Foamposite One exclusively linked to the film. With only 800 pairs made, Nike has taken to Twitter to encourage sneaker fiends and weird people alike to compete for their own pair.

If I must say anything about this shoe, it’s that a lot of attention to detail was put into its creation. “Weird Wins” – the slogan that Nike’s been pushing – is stitched on the back pull tabs, along with a jagged Nike check and the head of the Norman (the movie’s main character) on the back’s fabric. One of my favorite components are the clouds of green smoke that cover the shoe’s sides – an ode to the film’s “zombie-grave-escape” visual effects according to Nike.

Nike Foamposite One ‘ParaNorman’

The shoe’s electric green soles are also glow-in-the-dark, another great addition to an already amazing shoe. I won’t be surprised if these will be re-sold for quite a pretty penny – but then again, whoever is lucky enough to get a pair will probably want to hold on to such a unique shoe.

Read more about the Nike Foamposite One “ParaNorman” on Nike’s site – want to try and win a pair? Head over to Twitter, post up a weird picture of yourself with the hashtag #WeirdWins.

– @JulioSupreme