If I Had One Wish …

by on August 24, 2012

Jordan and Nike would stop at their horrendous attempts at creating those Team Jordan and Son of Mars collaborations. Honestly they should stick to the script and just keep on releasing the regular Jordan series.

The designs for the Team Jordans haven’t been anything special, and to me they are just assisting in tarnishing the image of Jordan. It would make sure if the shoes were attractive but they aren’t. Jordan needs to go back to the drawing boards with these.

On the other hand though the Son of Mars series have seen better days. Sure, they have seen more success on this product but in my opinion it’s not a good shoe, and nor is it easy on the eyes. I think they were attempting to recreate the first Air Yeezy but with slight deviations but it didn’t work out that well.

Nike is an innovation and creativity machine, it’s not hard for them to come up with the best designs when it comes to footwear so they shouldn’t throw out too many products like these that don’t even come close to their best items.