The Rise Of Givenchy

by on August 24, 2012

Now I don’t mean to be repetitive but Givenchy has been rather popular in the last year. After releasing the Givenchy Minotaur post, I decided to look into their other designs to get a better feel for the brand. I’ve noticed that although some of their designs aren’t anything extraordinary, they’re unlike anything other high-fashion designers are putting out.

To me, Givenchy is a brand that thrives off loud-but-simple designs – they have capitalized on their abundant success as of late because of the co-signing of some high profile celebrities, including Kanye West, Jay Z, Wale, and many more. I myself like the brand although I haven’t been familiar with it for too long; but what I don’t agree with is the price. I understand it’s a high-end designer, but six hundred dollars for one t-shirt is absurd.

One of the brand’s most popular ‘Rottweiler’ tees, seen on Usher, Tyga, and even actress Liv Tyler.

What I get from the brand itself is not a modest feeling, but instead as if they feel that their designs are a cut above everything else. It’s almost as if the message you get from the clothing is that’s it’s only fitting for someone of esteemed background. I guess that may actually be linked to the reason for such high price tags.

The brand is surely doing good at the moment, and I support their movement but can these designs last for long or is it only a matter of time before people are on to the next? I think that a lot of people may just see Givenchy as one of the “it” brands right now and not give it too much chance for longevity, but I believe that if they were able to come this far, they will be able to maintain it as well.

What are your thoughts?