The New Swag

by on August 26, 2012

What has swag become? I’m sure you noticed the transition of swag from not only being fashion related to just about related to anything. 

Swag itself isn’t used to describe what someone may be wearing anymore, it has developed into something of much greater magnitude. Swag can be used to describe just about anything as it is now a word that generally means good. For example, I’m sure you heard someone say before ” damn that new Kanye West song is swag” right or wrong? Right. I believe you’re following what I’m saying. With that being said, I believe one of the more significant reasons for this transformation was the rise of Lil B. Lil B flooded the majority of his songs with the word swag, whether it was a part of a lyric or an ad-lib. Before you knew it, everyone would just say swag randomly from time to time.

In my opinion I’m not mad at just how much the word has changed, as it shows just how easily and rapidly something in the fashion world can evolve.