Brand Spotlight: Kid Super

by on August 27, 2012

One of the up and coming brands in NYC, Kid Super is one of the rather more unique brands that I have ever stumbled upon. It was a dear friend that reached out to me and notified me of the brand and it wasn’t long after that I got contact with the founder of Kid Super. The brand has a simple but amazing concept to it as it centers around the idea of you still being a kid and still believing that you’re invincible and no one could tell you different. It’s somewhat of a time machine and it assist you in revisiting those memorable experiences and years as a child; the glory days I would say.

Some of the items in Kid Super’s online store.

Yes I know, a the meaning behind a brand isn’t what makes it but its products have to be on the same playing field as well but Kid Super doesn’t disappoint in that category either. Most of the designs aren’t anything complicated as the brand name itself is featured on the majority of the clothing while other times an image of a masked child superhero is seen. I absolutely love the concepts of these designs and the slogan of ” Causing trouble since 1991″ is very clever.

The brand itself is a true masterpiece and great embodiment of what a brand should be as it sticks to the meaning of the name and then branches out from it while staying true to everything it represents. Head over to Kid Super now to experience it for yourself. Be on the lookout for the fall releases also.