Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion: Scrappy’s Outfit

by on August 28, 2012

Probably the reason why everyone had their eyes glued to the TV last night was because of the LHHA Reunion special. I’m sure everyone just tuned in to witness the ratchet antics of these people and to really sit back and take in what went down during the season. I know that’s exactly why I tuned it however my attention was distracted, after noticing Scrappy’s outfit. I must say “The Prince” cleaned up nice and lived up to his nobel status.

I really didn’t expect this from Scrappy for during the duration of the season his outfits were okay but nothing; on this night though he did an excellent job. The white button-up with the brown vest went handsomely together and  the outfit was completed with a pair of Christian Louboutin’s.

I congratulate Scrappy for not only being the prince of the South, for not only putting “dem paws” on Stevie J, but for easily having the best outfit last night. Other than that the reunion lived up to the hype and the general public will be waiting for the part two which airs next Monday.