The South Beach Color Way Epidemic

by on August 29, 2012

It was only a couple years ago when the infamous South Beach color way for the Nike Lebron 8 was released and boy have things changed since then. Ever since that momentous release, the hype for sneakers in general has increased and every year people wait around now for the newest Nike Lebron sneaker that will grace the color way.

The colors used in the South Beach series may be somewhat simple, but they pack a punch. Although it seems that the color way may just be limited to the Lebron series, I would be interested in seeing how it would look on maybe Kevin Durant’s sneaker or even Lebron’s rival, Kobe Bryant’s. Unfortunately I don’t think this will happen because Nike likes to keep some of their products exclusive, and this shoe is clearly one of their bigger items.

With the sneaker game growing along with the prominence of this color way, I’m predicting this year’s or next year’s South Beach release for the Nike Lebron X to be the biggest thus far. We will be awaiting everything from the first pictures of them, to the actual release of the sneaker. I must say this color way is one of the best to happen to the sneaker game in the past couple of years.

What do you think?