Brand Spotlight: MCM

by on August 31, 2012

After a slip-up last week, I realized that I didn’t know too much about MCM and that I should research the brand to understand the history and get a feel for it as well. MCM stands for Mode Creation Munich and was founded back in 1976 so yeah, they have actually been around for a while.

The brand itself is centered around providing the world’s travelers with the best luxury accessories, luggages, bags, apparel and footwear to not only travel in style from their luggage to their outfits, but to aid in an enjoyable and memorable trip. The majority of these items are leather, which is one of the major highlights of their brand. The logo is also something that holds valuable meaning, as it represents victory and achievement while also paying homage to King Ludwig I.

Maybach O is one of the many celeb fans of MCM – here’s a compilation of some men’s favorites, along with a leopard joint for the ladies.

What stood out to me and what I actually appreciate the most about MCM is that they take tremendous pride in traveling and discovering the world fashionably and with sophistication. This brand has been around for quite some time now and won’t be going anywhere with a work ethic and vision like theirs. So before you embark on your next business trip, vacation, relocation or anything that deals with traveling, make sure to head over to MCM and grab a few items.