Herschel Supply Fall 2012 Field Collection

by on September 3, 2012

It’s around that time when everyone is heading back to school and gearing up for a new school year. One of the most important things for your school year to be a productive and memorable one is a book bag. A book bag is essential for many reasons, and for these reasons that’s why it must be a durable and strong book bag as well. Some people choose style over quality but when you’re in school and you have to carry around textbooks, laptops and heavy items, you need something that can withstand all of this. Herschel Supply provides the public with a collection of book bags that are not only built for these tribulations and battles but it proves to be very light and fashionably forward when it comes to these items. Watch the video to see exactly what I speak of, and hopefully you get yourself one of these in the near future.