Swag Talk: Gucci Contraire Ring

by on September 3, 2012

To say that I like this ring is an understatement –  an animal ring in monochrome colors with gold accents? You know I want it. 

I like wraparound-style rings and bracelets, so naturally this Gucci ring is a-go for me. Made of metal, black and white enamel, and ruby glass, the Gucci Contraire Ring with Tiger Heads retails for a steep $670, but is eye-catching nonetheless.

While admiring this ring, I noticed that Gucci’s jewelry game has stepped up a few notches – I think you’ll enjoy looking at the rest of the collection, which has more tiger-esque bracelets and rings, some nice pendant necklaces, and an onyx interlocking-G bracelet.

What do you think of the Gucci Contraire Ring? Let me know in the comments section.