Is the Swag Right? Faux Leather-Front Sweater

by on September 4, 2012

As I’ve talked about before, leather – whether worn in the summer or in jacket form – is always a good idea. I think this Zara faux leather sweater is a great pick for Fall – check it out after the jump.

Form meets function in this faux leather “jumper” (whatever that is) by Zara ($59.90). Not only is it a good layering piece, but it’s great on it’s own when the weather doesn’t resemble that of the Arctic. The contrasting fabric sleeves & back softens the look, helping you avoid that biker-chick vibe that isn’t great on everyone.

Zara’s jumper with faux-leather front, $59.90.

I think the stiff faux-leather falls well in the front, not making it too heavy or immobile. You can rarely go wrong with classic black leather – I’d love to see this in a honey/caramel color, maybe even a burgundy version as well.

What do you think of this Zara faux-leather jumper? Let me know in the comments section.