Trend Watch: Nature-Inspired Jewels

by on September 9, 2012

Chunky, natural-cut gemstones are making their way to the jewelry scene this Fall, giving a new meaning to spiked accessories. 

I’m totally in love with shiny metals & natural cuts of gemstones. There’s something so rugged yet refined about the combination of man-made and Earth-made – I definitely sound like a crunchy hippie from California but I think you know what I mean. This Alexis Bittar ring and Pamela Love cuff have given new life to quartz, which is leading the way in the nature-inspired trend that we’re seeing in jewelry this Fall.

Alexis Bittar ring ($195) and Pamela Love cuff ($375).

I love that both of these pieces are so delicate, yet look so vicious and commanding because of the natural spikes. The warm metal & quartz combination is a lovely surprise to me – as I’d expect jewelers to stick with the safe combination of silver with an icy stone – but clearly you can’t go wrong with gold.

The Pamela Love cuff could easily be stacked with others (creating some serious arm candy), or worn alone to look more dainty. The Alexis Bittar ring – which looks remarkably different from most pieces by the designer – is the perfect statement ring, don’t you think?

Pick up the Alexis Bittar at ShopBop and the Pamela Love cuff at Neiman Marcus.

What do you think of the nature-inspired jewels trend?