Brand Spotlight: Davinci NYC

by on September 10, 2012

For a while now I have known a talented individual who goes by the name of Davinci. Throughout our high school days, I always noticed that he was one of the kids who were different and was equipped with a very creative mindset. It wasn’t long after high school that he tapped into this creativity and created his first items of the Davinci NYC brand, which were skull bracelets. Initially I made sure to support him and over the years he has progressed incredibly as he has branched out into more than accessories.

He is know extending his talents to apparel which is a brilliant idea as his brand continues to grow. I am pleased to see his Fall Raglan Collection which features a base color of white, with the sleeves being of a selected color and the Punisher Apple being featured in the middle of the t-shirt. Knowing the journey of my dear friend, and the promise of this brand, we will keep you all updated on everything new coming out of Davinci’s corner. Visit the website to shop around and grab a few items. Contact him on Facebook(Davinci Badapple) and on instagram(davinci_nyc).