Outfit Of The Week: Bottoms (DSQUARED2 Denim)

by on September 13, 2012

I was recently told about this denim brand not too long ago by a good friend(Nick) and I was immediately appreciative for him putting me on to DSQUARED2. Although the brand isn’t all about denim as it has just about everything related to apparel, this post is going to spotlight their jeans. Off the bat, their selection of denim is rather impressive, as it not only extensive but also of great variety. The prices may be on the upper echelon on things but they are surely worth it. Their collection consists of oiled, faded, rugged and so many more different jeans. The quality is stupendous  and provides for a nice slim fit. I am amazed at the fact that I really haven’t heard about the brand especially with heavy hitters such as Dwayne Wade, Diddy and many others have worn them and many occasions. With so many selections to choose from, I could bet you a pair that you would find one that really catches your eye. It won’t be long until I actually set out to attain a pair for myself. Let me know your thoughts.