Outfit Of The Week: The Tops (Givenchy)

by on September 13, 2012

Over the last few weeks I have noticed myself become a great admirer of Givenchy and I’m surely not complaining. The brand just seems to keep on pumping out desirable apparel for the public. This time around I stumbled upon two items; a crew neck sweater and a t-shirt. The crew neck sweater which is seen above is a very simple but clean item. With a base color of grey and red implemented in the stripes and stars, it not only gives you a patriotic feel but I get also a Blueprint 3 vibe from this methodical sweater. Next up we have the shirt which can be seen below.

This item is strikingly vivid as it features a naked woman who is encompassed by a satin wreath appliqué. Givenchy will be one of go to brands once my wallet reaches a certain plateau. But for now, there is nothing wrong in admiring what they have to offer. I hope you enjoyed these items.