Redefining On-Court Swag: Nate Robinson

by on September 15, 2012

I’m sure after you’re done watching this video, you’re going to end up saying the same word I said; absurd. Now Nate Robinson has been one of the biggest celebrity sneakerheads for a while now but this is taking it to another level. Playing ball with Yeezy’s on?! Where they do that at?! 

The concept of this itself is incredible but for someone of Nate Robinson’s wealth, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. He is able to hoop in these sneakers because of his robust bank account but for the average joe, this is impossible unless you just want to try and be a show-off. What exactly do you think about this? It surely is swag, as it methodically matched his entire outfit with the sneakers. Do you think we will see more of this when the new NBA season swings around? What you think might be next, hooping in Nike Air Mag’s? Sound off.