Brand Spotlight: Harlem Socialite

by on September 17, 2012

Born and raised in Harlem, New York.

Rock is a true throw back to the “Old” Harlem,

Which means he’s been working hard to make his dreams come true through creativity.

While considered by most as a “Jack of All Trades”, his passion lies within T-Shirt design, Photography, and assisting people anyway he can. These aspects, coupled with his business savvy have allowed him to attain his dream of running his own line (Harlem Social Tees)

After years of carefully crafting ideas, and marketing schemes, Rock’s hard work is finally paying off. Harlem Social Tees is no longer just a dream; it has become a reality for this determined Harlem Socialite.

Harlem Social Tees is aimed to appeal to a diverse metropolitan socialite and Rock believes that when someone purchases his clothing they aren’t just purchasing a garment; they are becoming part of a movement that promotes enlightenment through apparel.

This Creative Designer lives out the idea of fashion intelligence by launching his brand independently and becoming a perseverant apprentice of engineering a future fashion empire. Although he’s had extensive experience in the luxury retail industry, including a 2-Year stint at Saks Fifth Avenue, this is his first foray into the marketplace under his own label. The undertaking has proven to be rewarding, but not without its challenges.

“Once you learn to accept the challenges of life, the exhilaration of victory will taste that much sweeter…” Rock-

Clothing Available via his Online Shop (www.HarlemSocialTees.com