Super Fall/Winter 2012 ‘Humanism’ Collection.

by on September 17, 2012

Although the summer may be wrapping up as I type, Super drops a new dope, fresh collection of shades just in time for the fall. I must say that I am awed by the very vivid and unique designs of the cases.

Although not many people will be seeing the case of the shades, it’s always a plus and it would surely make you even more satisfied with the product with a case of that detail. The cases are supposed to be representation of the shades also but it’s plays a great Robin to the shades’ Batman. All of these designs and patterns are impressive and the selection of what patterns to grace what shades were masterfully selected. I tip my hats off to the good folks over at Super and you should probably also after checking out this collection.


You can  purchase these items  by visiting the eyegoodies store:  http://www.eyegoodies.com/Super-c-319.html