My Picks: J.W Anderson x Topshop

by on September 20, 2012

Youthfulness, counterculture and a sprinkle of cool come together in the J.W Anderson x Topshop collaboration – I’ve gathered some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

I like the simple-but-eyecatching quality of this collection; what looks like an odd pattern can sometimes be a cat, zebra, or elephant motif when seen up-close – like in the case of the jeans in this line.

Surprisingly, I’m a fan of the paisley top and the striped jeans. I usually associate paisley prints with an elderly woman, or those *ahem* less-than-fashionable (in my opinion) Vera Bradley accessories, but I think this top could look very youthful if styled well. At first glance, the striped jeans reminded me of circus pants, but have since grown on me. The vertical stripe would do well at lengthening and slimming the leg – never a bad thing!

Some of my favorite pieces from the J.W Anderson x Topshop collaboration.

I’m also a huge supporter of varsity jackets on women, so I’m definitely a fan of this J.W Anderson version. The blue/black cominbation ($259) is my favorite, as it’s in a strong yet neutral color that could be layered almost anything.

Being a collaborative collection with a major upscale designer, the prices are a bit steep, but worth it compared to J.W Anderson’s own line. Check out the full collection here and watch his Fall Fashion Week collection’s runway show here.

What do you think of the J.W Anderson x Topshop collection? Let me know in the comments section.