Outfit Of The Week(OOTW) – Bottoms

by on September 21, 2012

The second part of this week’s OOTW focuses on the bottoms/pants/jeans of the outfit. Browsing around I was able to find a few items that will suit the rest of the outfit, and be wonderful additions to the tops and footwear of the OOTW.

  • First selection is the Sharp Bengt Org. Green Bleach Nudie Jeans

This jeans itself is a great look, as the crinkled look gives the idea of you just rolling out of bed and not caring but yet still being able to wear a very fashionable jean. Nudie jeans are always one of the better selections when it comes to denim so it’s hard to go wrong with them. Purchase here.

  • The other selection we have is this Fall/Winter 2012 pants by Diesel.

The biege pant is very easy on the eye while still being a very versatile bottom that can you be used all the time. The slim fit provides for a product that will be seen by many as an ideal pair of pants for a male. Click here if interested in buying.