Rajon Rondo X GQ

by on September 22, 2012

Over the summer, Rajon Rondo wasn’t apart of the USA Olympic team, nor was he practicing on his game but instead he was being an intern at GQ. The high-profile athlete decided to take a trip into the fashion world, a world were his basketball skills weren’t going to help him.

I don’t think Rondo knew exactly what he was going to get himself into, maybe he thought it would be a field trip, and just be all fun and games but he soon found out that it would be a rather challenging experience for the three time all-star. These kind folks over at GQ immediately took advantage of the triple double machine, and had him running errands and fetching Starbucks for them while banning him from wearing his Nike’s.

I find this comical as Rondo brought his on-court prowess to the office world as he dished out anything from mail to food in the form of a bounce pass and other passes. I guess maybe he thought he was running an offense over at GQ. I must admit though he probably had one of the better summers as he was able to tap into a new realm and although he may have had his trials and tribulations over at GQ, he surely stuck in there and got the task done. I salute Rondo for engaging in such a humbling experience but I don’t think he’ll be doing the same thing next summer. What you think about Rondo’s internship? Do you see more NBA players doing things like this in the future?