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Swag Talk: Balenciaga Glitter Girl Sleeveless T-Shirt

by on September 22, 2012

One of the more unique t-shirts that I have ever seen made for women, is courtesy of Balenciaga. When you first take a look at the shirt, it gives you somewhat of a futuristic Star Wars’ feel looking it at it, but a dope t-shirt nonetheless. It’s inspired by their runway collection ‘Egyptofunk’ print, and is made up of a soft and matt cotton. The shirt seems perfect for a Rihanna or a Rita Ora, but even the common people can pull it off, as it is truly a very stylish and fashionable shirt for the ladies. It comes in two color schemes, one being the marine and white seen above, and the black and beige see below.  Let me know what you think of these items and if you’re interested in buying, you can head on over to the online store.

  • Mark

    Sorry, but this is a miss for me. 300 dollars for a shirt with the Luxor in Vegas as part of its design…unoriginal. I like the sleeve cut however, very tunic like and it falls well over the shoulder.