Swag Talk: Older People x Fashion

by on September 22, 2012

Right off the bat, why is it that society makes it that people who aren’t deemed young anymore shouldn’t wear things that might draw a lot of attention to them? Why is it that society puts these limitations in place for them? Of course people can wear whatever they want to, but some people take into consideration of what the public will think of them if they were to do something that may just be out of the norm.

You see it all the time, older people are out shopping and as soon as the consumer finds something that catches their eye, most of the times you hear someone say ” oh you can’t wear that.” The reasons for that statement maybe because the product may be too bright, too flashy, not subtle enough for the wearer of the item. But why is this? Are young people the only people that have the RIGHT to wear anything they choose to? I disagree with this and I believe people shouldn’t succumb to the irrational opinions of society.

I applaud the 60-year old man who decides to buy that vivid orange Nike sneaker, I salute the 70-year old man who I always run into every week who is always seen sporting the volt green Air Max sneaker. Why? Because they don’t let anything hold them back from showcasing their fashion sense. Most people might say what they were is outrageous but at the end of the day, they are only saying this because they have let society brainwash them into thinking that it’s unacceptable. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong but the point of this is put the spotlight on an issue that has plagued us for such a long time. What do you think?