Givenchy iPhone 4S Cases

by on September 23, 2012

Even though the iPhone 5 has obliterated the phone market (and maybe your bank account), we at iLikeSwag are still supporters of fabulous phone cases for the 4S, like these from Givenchy.

At $100 a pop, Givenchy’s iPhone 4S cases sold out in a heartbeat, it seems like, as everyone and their mother climbed aboard the Givenchy train several months ago. You may be lucky enough to snag one for yourself at some obscure online marketplace or take a gamble at getting an authentic one on eBay, but whether or not you’re successful in getting one, it’s safe to say that these cases are a must-have.

Some of the Givenchy iPhone 4S cases.

I personally would want either the white ‘Bird of Paradise’ case or the ‘Rottweiler’ one – you’d be the envy of a whole nation, it seems, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on either. I’m mad that I didn’t know about these sooner as I would have tried harder to get one myself. They’re definitely a great incentive to keep your 4S a little bit longer!

There are plenty of copies being made and sold for a significantly cheaper price, but I would have been willing to pay the full $100 for an authentic one – it’s probably the most affordable item in Givenchy’s collection!

What do you think of these Givenchy iPhone 4S cases? Let me know in the comments section.