Swag Talk: What Happened To Throwback Jerseys

by on September 23, 2012

Remember when throwbacks were rampant in the summertime, when rappers were wearing them in every music video, when you wore a throwback when you WEREN’T playing basketball. What happened to this ever so sporty item? Was it just that the trend died out, or maybe the trend became so colossal in such a short period of time that it didn’t have any stamina for longevity.

What was so enticing about throwbacks in the first place? For one they gave you an outlet to show people who was your favorite player; who exactly you were repping. The loose fit and the sleeveless feature of them made it easy to put on and to wear. I loved my throwback and I’m actually interested in wearing throwbacks next summer. This summer it seemed as if some people were trying to bring the trend back for example Wale just about wore a different throwback jersey at least once a week.

Who do we need to truly bring the trend back? Dem Franchize Boyz? Nelly? Or is it that fashion has evolved so much that there isn’t anymore room for throwbacks. That may just be the answer, as there are so many things in the fashion world that get lost in the dust quickly after the trend dies out, and there’s no coming back from that.