Swag Talk: Babies and Fashion

by on September 24, 2012

Has this ever crossed your mind … “that baby has swag” ? No right? So why is it exactly that most people have it a necessity for their babies and toddlers to not only have the most current things but also the most lavish items as well. This issue itself is rather peculiar and complex in so many ways. We will try to examine it by breaking it down in a couple different categories.

Priority – The category is priority, and maybe at the point in the post you’re not exactly on the same page as me but you will be after I have delved into this point. Let’s remember that a priority is a first concern, and that’s where I’m going with this. Why is so compelling and crucial for some parents to purchase the new pair of Jordan’s or a new Gucci belt for their child? Okay so you tell me on your monthly list of obligations, you have ” to get my kid fresh and fly” right next to mortgage or car note or even utilities. This can’t be life, if you actually abide by such standards. How about you save that money for their college tuition, something that is truly worth something and will benefit your child the most in the long run.

Youthfulness – What I mean by this simply is that kids are going to be kids. They are going to play in dirt, run all over the place and do many activities that involve their clothes getting dirty. Not only will they partake in activities of this nature, but also kids are clumsy and prone to accidents for example they may spill their juice on their outfit, or even sometimes sole themselves. You tell me if you have ever heard of a baby or a toddler going home and cleaning their footwear. I digress though what I’m trying to get at is I understand you want your kids to look nice and presentable but to me it shouldn’t be of such significance unless you’re just planking on a 100 million dollars.

In all, what I’m trying to say is just let the kids be kids. Don’t worry about the fashion side too much because honestly most people aren’t going to judge a baby or a toddler for what they are wearing. They’re too engulfed in just how cute and adorable the baby is. So ease up parents, you can spoil your kids with the finer things when they understand what it means and can sustain a luxurious item. What you think?