Atrium x Naked & Famous “Je T’Adore Tout Nue” Tiger-Camo Jeans

by on September 27, 2012

Camo and Leopard Print, was this inevitable? Probably but I didn’t think one of the first recognizable products of such a combination would have looked like this. Maybe I thought it wouldn’t come in the form of denim, and probably be some kind of apparel. Nonetheless, it’s a brave move on the path of Atrium and Naked & Famous but a move that is just as lucrative as it is risky. The tiger camo is brilliant and it’s surely one of the directions that camo itself is heading in. The surprise comes from the interior of the jeans, where it is covered entirely in leopard print. It makes for an eyebrow raising product but I can see the masses actually flocking to get their hands on a pair of this especially because of the popularity of the brand and Atrium’s status in the retail world. Head over to the online store to purchase if interested. I would love to hear your thoughts on this collaboration also.