Swag Talk: Studded Diamond Blouse

by on September 27, 2012

This blouse is probably one of the cutest versions of the long-short hem trend that I’ve seen lately.

The long & short hem of the Studded Diamond Blouse is flattering from both the front and the back, especially if you’d like to enhance what’s going on in the posterior region – the draping in the back would sit nicely atop a plump Gluteus Maximus (aren’t we at iLikeSwag professional-sounding?), and can also provide extra shape for the ladies that need that extra umph back there.

NastyGal’s Studded Diamond Blouse, $58.

The cutouts add an element of surprise to an extremely popular-yet-basic trend, giving an intriguing dimension to something that could come off as very played-out. Last but not least, the brass studded detailing adds another eye-catching element to such a great top.

The Studded Diamond blouse is available in both ivory and mint. Scoop it up over at NastyGal for $58.