Brand Spotlight: SOH(Swag On a Hundred)

by on September 30, 2012

SOH is an up and coming young urban clothing line that is creating a buzz around the internet. Featuring unique and creative designs, SOH strives to promote individuality and “$w@G”. SOH endorses more than clothes, but a lifestyle and to be who you are! Having launched some of their designs, SOH started with creative, urban inspired t-shirt and hoodie designs.

By their love of individuality, owners Tehran Coeates, Laron Booth, Andrew Freeman, and James Coley started on the campus of Lincoln University in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. They have been devoted to spread their message of $.W.@.G (Successfully Wearing Apparel and Garments). The founders are believer that even though everyone may not be blessed with looks physically, your swag and your individuality make you stand out. If you look good, you think good, and you feel good. Your apparel speaks louder than words. For more information on SOH clothing you can find them on instagram @SOHCLOTHING and on twitter @SOH_clothing. Press release was provided by SOH themselves.