The Revealing Of The Brooklyn Nets’ Jerseys

by on September 30, 2012

You should know by now that yesterday was the start of Jay-Z’s series of concerts that are celebrating the opening of the Barclays Center and basically the making of history. Everyone was stoked as Jigga set out to perform a lot of his hits and to really give the people what they want. With so many celebrities in attendance for this groundbreaking event, it was just right that Hov made sure that the night would be special. Maybe we should have seen this coming, but I didn’t expect for Jay to reveal and showcase the Brooklyn Nets’ jersey. It’s understandable though as Jay-Z has surely been more than elated that this mission of his to bring a NBA team to Brooklyn came through. The man has came a long way from Marcy Projects, and just about everything he does now is damn near amazing. I have to salute this guy and will actually be attending one of the concerts, as you should be doing so also but what do you think of the jerseys?