When Creating A Brand …

by on September 30, 2012

Over the years, I have seen the creation of so many brands, plenty have crashed and burned while few have succeeding in staying relevant and having longevity. From this, I have came up with a few tips that may be able to help someone who is interested in developing a brand. They way I’m going to describe this is through the template of an essay as you have the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

  • Introduction – First and foremost should be creating the name of the brand. This is simple but difficult at the same time too. Once you get this done with, then you can focus on the logo and also sub-logos. The logo is what is going to represent your brand; one of the first things that will come to their minds when they think about your brand. What are sub-logos? Well in my opinion, they are basically the substitutes that you will replace your main logo with, to add some new and refreshing for your audience. It’s like when The Thunder sub James Harden into the game.
  • The Body – This is when it really starts to get critical. This is where you must come up with your mission statement; what your brand signifies, what it represents. Most brands thrive partially because of the sincerity and uniqueness of this. It is also important to have a catch slogan, something that can roll off the tongues of people. People love something that they can connect to, so make sure to address this.
  • The Conclusion – Finally, you need to make sure that your items can cater to a wide range of people. From men to women, from toddlers to teenagers. Your products must be attractive, and although they don’t necessarily have to be anything out of this world, just make sure what you’re doing is different in many ways and original.