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Ball So Hard ?!

by on October 1, 2012

What’s 50 grand to someone like me, can you please remind me? Uh I don’t need a reminder, 50 grand is enormous to someone like me and to a lot of you all who are reading this also. Everyone isn’t Jay-Z, we all aren’t planking on millions of dollars and buying islands left to right but why is it that a lot of people act like they actually are capable of these things when they aren’t. Maybe they’re just lying to themselves and trying to make themselves for happy by purchasing luxurious items that they may be able to BUY, but can’t AFFORD it.

Why is it that people use their entire check to buy a Givenchy shirt? Or a pair of Balenciaga’s? Or a Hermes’ belt? Just to be considered cool or stylish or fly? There are many answers to this question, but this mentality itself is puzzling. How can you sit down and decide on buying some shoes that cost more than a few hundred dollars when you have to pay rent, or some kind of obligation that actually is a priority. Spend all that money on one item or a few items and you’re left with what in your pockets? You can’t even take a nice young lady out on a dinner date, but you’re fly though right? I guess but I don’t see it.

It’s simple as ABC, you need to stay in your lane. When you’re more than capable of purchasing these luxury items then you should start debating on whether or not to get them. One thing people forget is that you live yourself for yourself and maybe the people that mean the most to you(family,friends,etc) but at the end of the day you don’t have to please anyone with your clothing. Play your position and work on elevating your status, and then fix to suit. What are your thoughts?

  • http://beautyandthestreetmag.blogspot.com Amber Nefertari

    Great piece. You pointed out the main reason why many people max out their bank accounts to keep up with the jonses….because they are trying to please everyone else. As a girl who is unashamed of mixing higher end pieces that I splurge on from time to time as well as lower end (yes I love Target!) I say it is all about what you like and can afford. What is the point in owning a Hermes bag and yet you can’t travel, hang out with your loved ones, or much worse pay your light bill? It all comes to down to insecurity because if someone cared about themselves instead of others’ opinions we would have much more progress in this world. I love luxurious goods like the next guy/girl but I’d much rather spend within my bracket and make lasting memories. That is all that matters when you’re old and grey!