Dwayne Wade’s Departure From Jordan Brand

by on October 2, 2012

Unlike Lebron James, Dwayne Wade chose not to go all hollywood and broadcast his decision to leave Jordan Brand while joining the Chinese brand, Li-Ning. This move was just about expected as during the NBA season there were so many rumors floating around about him actually leaving Jordan. He was in a great situation with Jordan but we all know that he was probably offered a lot more money to join Li-Ning. I have never seen a product of this Chinese brand but I will be researching them soon. Does this move mean that Dwayne Wade won’t be getting any more free Jordans? Seriously though he had the major plug with Jordan but it’s cool when you have millions of dollars, and even millions more after accepting this deal. I do salute Dwayne as he has took his talents to a brand that is attempting to become a powerhouse and he’s trying to be one of the people to take it there. What do you think of the move?