Nike LeBron X Red, Gold, Black

by on October 2, 2012

Nike will not stop milking the well until it’s completely dry. Pumping out products for Lebron has been their main focus for a while now. We don’t see them focusing on Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant, why? Because it’s the King’s year of reign, and it will keep going on as long as it can. I’m not mad at Nike though, they’re just chasing this paper and they have a thoroughbred of a shoe with this new color way. It gives you a Finals’s feel already and the NBA season hasn’t even started yet. I seriously think that the NBA is all about politics and right now, Lebron is running for a second term with a couple Mitt Romney’s vying for his spot as well. This will not be a Nike + product, as no lace lock is visible on the shoe so that’s a good thing as the price will be the standard $180. One thing I have been digging a lot about the Lebron X’s is the ever so popular black midsole and it looks even better with the combination of the Air Max bubble which is featured a red to go with the base color of the shoe. The gold meshes well with the rest of the sneaker, making for a royal sneaker. No news on the release date yet but we will keep you updated.