1 on 1 with Davinci BadApple

by on October 4, 2012

In this installment of our one on one interviews, we sit down with one of our favorite designers, Davinci BadApple. Known for his bracelets, he has been expanding his empire for some time now, and we just wanted to get in a few questions with him to understand his thinking and what he has in stored for the future. 

1) What song would you say depicts your swag ?

I got a couple songs actually . Vinny Chase – Belong To The City & Mic Blaque – New York City – Davinci

Oh I’ve actually never heard of them but I’ll be checking into that ASAP. Rather patriotic though. – LEGEND-daily

2) What actor would you say has alot of swag?

 Johnny Depp is hella cool to me – Davinci

Damn I didn’t see that one coming at all haha. He’s surely dope though. – LEGEND-daily.

3) In high school, what exactly sparked your desire to create Bad Apple?

One of my greatest love and inspiration is new york city. I  experienced alot on these streets both negative and positive. 
Many call it the big apple , I call it the bad apple. – Davinci

I see you really carry your city on your back, that’s inspiration right there. – LEGEND-daily.

4) What’s been one of the more memorable moments of this journey ?

Damn I did alot of dope stuff, met alot of cool people been in some cool ass environments, if i had to really pin point one memorable moment it was when I first saw my bracelets in a japanese magazine. – Davinci

Yea that was probably one of those moments when you saw your hard work paying off, and the tide was turning. – LEGEND-daily

5) What’s your plans for the future ?

Man I got so much dope things ahead, not only in accessories and clothing, can’t say but when i think of it I get hella excited, I know yall gunna like – Davinci

I’m glad to hear that, you’re preparing yourself for longevity in this game. – LEGEND-daily

I appreciate Davinci coming through and showing us love, and doing this interview. I hope you enjoyed it.

Make sure to head over to the online store, dnyc.bigcartel.com to get yourself some of his goods.