Few Essentials When Picking An Outfit (Guys)

by on October 4, 2012

We all know how it is on mornings when you’re crawling out of the bed after a long night of partying, studying or whatever you were doing, just how hard it is to pick an outfit for the present day’s events but I’m here with a few suggestions.

  • Check the weather. This ensures that you know what kind of clothes to wear, whether it is for the rain or snow, or even if it’s going to be extremely hot. You will be prepared!
  • Figure out how you’re feeling today so you can get a sense of what colors you would like to wear. Emotions play a huge role in fashion, as it can a representation of how you’re feeling and it can also be a creation of emotions as well.
  • If it’s the summer, make sure that you have clean socks if you’re going to wear shorts. You don’t want to be seen out with old socks, that can be embarrassing.
  • Make sure the jeans or pants that you have chosen, look great with your footwear of choice and that it falls nicely on the shoe.
  • Different occasions call for different attire. Remember this and you won’t even show up to a formal event in street wear. #notwinning
  • Not every button-down deserves a tie, and not every outfit needs accessories. Pick and choose wisely.