A Few Choice Words

by on October 5, 2012

After attending Jay-Z’s concert last night, I had an epiphany. Well I wouldn’t say an epiphany because I have felt this energy times before but it was powerful last night. I must say that the concert was generally good but what I admire the most is that he kept on taking time out to give inspiration to the people. He shows us just how far one man can make it in life, and that yes he aims for success and wealth but he still uses his influence to address the bigger picture.

What exactly is the bigger picture? To me, aside from loving God or whatever higher being you believe in, and then family which comes second, it is essential that you realize that you were put on this Earth to do something. What is this something? I don’t know exactly what it is for you, but it is what you have the most passion for, what you take pride in doing, and then taking this thing that you’re meant to perform and doing it to the fullest.It’s simple just believe in what you know you are capable of doing better than anyone and strive for excellence, for greatness.You must remember that a loser never tries and a winner never gives up. No matter what’s in your way, maneuver around it and keep pushing forward. People are inspired by other people’s achievements, by their hard work, by their will and drive. That’s why it is immensely important that you guide people to understand just that.

You don’t hear too many rappers taking the time out to genuinely speak some knowledge to the people. We need more raps about substance and not just the fast cars, the women, the jewelry and all the money. Jay-Z gave us many blueprints but I believe this one is the most influential and crucial one. Once you understand what I’m trying to say and what it takes, it won’t be long till you embark on your journey of prestige.

It’s just my thoughts, ladies and gentlemen.