by on October 6, 2012

How are you supposed to wear an outfit without pants? To compliment the choice pieces for the tops, we have browsed the internet to find you a few items that I’m sure will attract you and probably diminish your bank account. We made sure that this selection was versatile and not just adhering to one specific wear. ENJOY!

1) Mens Coated Demin by Marc Jacobs

One of the best coated denim pants that I have ever seen and I just had to have it. Not only is the fit amazing but the feel of the denim itself is heavenly. It almost felt as if it was specifically made for me. This would be a great investment if it correlates to your style. Purchase here

2) No Plans Sweatpant by Lifetime Collective

The name of the sweatpants is extremely telling of what they are suitable for. That being just chilling, lounging around, or when you’re feeling lazy and you don’t want to get too fancy. I would highly suggest getting a pair, as they look rather comfortable. Buy here.

3) The ‘Ryan’ Chino Trouser by Baldwin

Not on the camo train yet? If you’re still debating it, I suggest you do. I don’t see it as much as a trend anymore but actually a standard item in fashion now. These seem to be the perfect pair for you to get; straight legged and of great quality. Camo has gotten so popular and it has surely been accepted by society. You should get yourself a pair here.

Let me know your thoughts about the picks? What was your favorite or your least favorite?