Brand Spotlight: IJayApparel

by on October 7, 2012

It’s only fitting that I put the spotlight on this brand, because of my genuine connection with one of the founders of the brand, Judith Ford. She and I have been friends for some time now, and her project was started almost around the same time as the beginning of ILS. The brand focuses on combining the idea of the corporate world with the club scene also. What I mean by this is that they try to provide people with apparel that not only is ideal for the business setting but also perfect for a happy hour or a lounge setting. It aims to integrate work with play to a certain extent. The designs of the brand are very clean, and straight forward. They stay away from anything that may be deemed outrageous or just screaming for attention, instead they want you to notice their items but not be awfully surprised by it. The founders of the brand are Judith Ford, as mentioned before, Ilbert Sanchez, Chris Pearson, Gloria Mora, and Rebecca Hippolyte. The brand itself is not just one dimensional, as they have branched out to a couple other categories such as music and the promotion of events. A movement that you have to keep your eye out for in the near future as they will be releasing many promising things in the near future. Check out their online store first though to get a feel for what they have.