Is the Swag Right? Zara’s Animal Print T-Shirts

by on October 9, 2012

If you’re still trying to jump on Givenchy’s animal t-shirt train but not willing to pay the high price tag, check out these shirts from Zara.

I love that Zara’s able to make big designer trends come down to the real-world price hemisphere. Their designs are always sophisticated and on-trend with what’s going on the runways. At only $29.90 each, you’re able to get that Givenchy look for a seriously low price.

Zara’s Animal Print T-Shirts, $29.90.

My favorite would have to be the bright eyed panther (right) – very reminiscent of the Givenchy tees – with the leopard head (left) coming in close second. The yellow on the crisp white tee is very striking, though. All great options if you want to get in on the vicious animal trend.

What do you think of these Zara Animal Print T-Shirts? Let me know in the comments section.