Red Penguin’s Fall Sneak Peek

by on October 9, 2012

Recently received a pleasant email from the homie, Paul Anthony and it was filled with a bunch of behind the scenes shots from the fall collection photoshoot. From the photos alone, I can tell many things about Paul. For one, he’s a perfectionist. I say this because I get the vibe that everything has to be precise and on point as a harpoon. Another thing is, he’s dedicated to what he does and because of this devotion and hard work, the clothing line itself just has such a genuine feel and so much essence to it. When you cross people of this caliber, you just have to admire them and just appreciate what they have to offer and that’s why I support this man to the fullest. The never before seen photos give us a preview of what the camp over at Red Penguin has been working on and although you don’t see any clear shots of the items, I can only warn you not to sleep on the collection. I’m expecting great quality materials, and exceptional fits from the new merchandise just as the previous pieces were. I’m positive that I won’t be disappointed by what they have been cooking up in the lab for us, so stay tuned. Until that day comes when they decide to bless up with the Fall collection, I suggest you head over to the online store. The majority of their items at the moment are centered around the name of the brand and the logo as they are featured heavily in the designs. This move is a smart one, as they want you to truly grasp the meaning of the brand and to become loyal to what they stand for before they expand and give us the innovative and creative designs that will come in the future. We got love for Red Penguin and so should you!