Trend Watch: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Intimates

by on October 9, 2012

A little S&M (a la RiRi), a lot sexy – I’m kind of a huge fan of this new trend in undergarments.

After browsing MissKL, I came across this sick Cruel Intentions Studded Bra by *LA Boutique. No words are really needed for how cool this bra is – it takes the studded trend to the next level, and is the perfect bra to wear when you’re cool with showing your bra underneath a sheer top.

*LA Boutique’s ‘Cruel Intentions’ Studded Bra, $22.

At $22 each, I’d be down to get both the gold and silver bra. Granted, this is an unconventional and potentially risky garment – imaging hugging someone wearing this, yikes! – but it has a certain sexy-cool girl swag that I’m willing to get on board with.

What do you think of the studded bra trend? Would you rock it? Let me know in the comments section.