1 On 1 with Jordanna Oslac

by on October 10, 2012

Continuing with the 1 on 1 interview installments, I sat down with Jordanna Oslac, who happens to be one of our major contributors and a fashion enthusiastic. One of the more stylish people that I have encountered, Jordanna never disappoints. Let me stop stalling and get right into the interview with her. Enjoy.

1) Why do you love fashion so much?

I think fashion is a form of social art. I have been obsessed with fashion from a very young age, and once I got older (about 15) I couldn’t get enough of it and started attending schools and intensive programs around the world, geared solely towards fashion.  I think personal style is a way to express yourself- I love mixing and matching clothes to create new outfits. – Jordanna

That answer was was well thought out and perfect. – LEGEND-daily

2) Who would you think are some of the most stylish public figures?

While she maybe not be a real person, I think Carrie Bradshaw is the most stylish public figure, of all time! Im a big Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fan- they we’re definitely my fashion role models growing up. I also think Blake Lively, Sienna Miller, and Miranda Kerr have great celebrity style. – Jordanna

The twins have always been so fashionable! – LEGEND-daily

3) What was your initial reactions when you found out that you would be featured heavily in our slideshow?

I was super excited when I found out I would be featured in your slideshow. I started my blog last year while I was studying in Paris for something fun to do and a way to express my thoughts and feelings towards current fashion trends. I would love to see for my blog to get bigger and more publicity and I think your site is a great platform for me.

Yea I believe it’s a win-win situation for us – LEGEND-daily

4) Would you ever want to pursue a career in fashion?

I definitely want and plan to pursue a career in fashion. For college, I chose to attend Parsons in New York City because I knew fashion was the path for me. I also interned with Marie Claire Magazine for two years and am currently interning with a stylist. As seen in my blog, styling is my true passion and I hope one day to become my own stylist. – Jordanna

Oh so you’re definitely on your way. I think you will be an exceptional stylist one day – LEGEND-daily

5) Within the next year, do you plan on taking any risks or trying anything new with your fashion prowess?

I’m always taking risks and trying new things- thats the fun about fashion! Every season I get obsessed with some article of clothing or accessory that seems to be impossible to find, I conjure up some idea in my head and then it is a mad goose hunt to find it! It’s become a joke now because I usually never find that exact thing and once I’m completely over it a few months later I’ll start to see it everywhere!  Lately I’ve been inspired by the 90’s. I  mix a classic pointed toe heel with a flannel wrapped around my waist, love the juxtaposition. – Jordanna

And that’s why the fashion world is so beautiful. It so easily for you to change up your style and etc. – LEGEND-daily


Such a beautiful interview I had with Jordanna, and we look forward to working with her again but for now you can check out her blog by clicking here.