Rêves & Thieves Fall/Winter Hoodies

by on October 10, 2012

Victor Nunez just happens to be one of our most loyal supporters ever since we were introduced to him, but he also happens to be the founder and owner of his very own brand, Rêves and Thieves. I must say Victor and I have developed a great friendship and he is someone I will continue to help in becoming successful. I’ve always been impressed and excited about his brand from the initial stages because Victor himself, is a very calibrated person who makes sure that his next move is his best move thus far and it is seen in his brand. The entire Fall/Winter collection is highly anticipated by us and you will begin to see why. In the photo below and above we get a sneak peek of the a couple of the hoodies for the collection. On the front end of the hoody, we saw the signature logo of the brand placed on the left area of the chest, and on the back of the hoody we see the logo which is encircled by fascinated artwork while being covered in the camo color. This preview is captivating and it only adds to my impatience for the release of the entire collection. Victor has surely been preparing a masterful collection and I just can’t wait till it’s made available to the public. We will keep you updated on any news or releases from the brand and for now you can check out the website here and also the Facebook fan page .