Who Is Lauren Monty?

by on October 10, 2012

So today I’m going to introduce a young lady of class and so much potential to you all, that I have recently gotten in contact with. First things first, her name alone just have a beautiful sound to it, and it almost seems fitting for an individual who is ready to take on the world in her pursuit of greatness. Lauren is a Houston, Texas product and extremely infatuated with the fashion world. With being blessed with such astonishing beauty and a vibrant personality, Lauren has some of the greatest tools that are key to making it big in the fashion world. However the looks and who she is, won’t exactly take her where she wants to be and that’s where the other intangibles and expertise comes into play. Lauren is a budding stylist and has even begun designing her own Women’s clothing and accessories line which will be releasing Fall 2013. I am a little disappointed by the delay of the line because I would love to see just what pieces Ms. Monty has managed to create but as they say good things come in time. This delay will just add to the hype surrounding Lauren and her line but while we wait for it, you can head over to her website laurenmonty.com and explore all the things she has to offer for now. She is also in the process of constructing a website that shall be selling vintage clothing and accessories and once it is launched we will send out the link. I hope you enjoyed the introduction of Lauren and let me know your thoughts of the fashion princess soon to be queen.