Cutler and Gross ‘The Golden Trail’ Fall/Winter Collection

by on October 11, 2012

I get it, the summer’s not here anymore so why do you need sunglasses? I’m sure you can answer that questions, but I’ll give you one celebrated reason. You know those mornings after the late nights of drinking and partying, when you have to wake up and get on with your day but your eyes are just not cooperating, well yea you need something that will actually block them from being seen from the public. So what that being said, Cutler and Gross drops off a vast new collection of sunglasses that would be ideal for those mornings and also would aid in enhancing your eyewear collection. The collection features refreshing and compelling designs that have a wide assortment of colors. What’s most impressive about the collection is the unorthodox designs that they introduce and the magnitude of sunglasses that they have released. They are easily some of the best designs that I have seen all year long and it’s a major indicator of just how hard they worked for this collection. Below are some of the official images of the collection and you can head over to EyeGoodies to take a look at the entire collection and also buy the ones that you’re feeling.