ILS Radar: Rockie Fresh

by on October 11, 2012

Compared to his MMG peers, Rockie Fresh is an unknown figure due to a couple reasons. However I see him grabbing the spotlight in time especially due to his fashion prowess. Seeing more exposure from the Rozay-assisted ” You A Lie“, Rockie recently released some new heat with ” I’m Wit It“. If this progression continues, it won’t be long until Rockie Fresh is in a very desirable position in the music industry. 

Even before signing with MMG, Rockie‘s been stunting on the usual. He’s an avid sneaker head and has been seen in anything from OG Jordans to even something as out of this world as the Nike Air Mag. The kid most definitely had his game on point even before getting down with the team. Now with more resources, it only makes it easier for him to embarrass the less-fashionable rappers. Being teamed with Wale and Stalley, the glorious Nike plug is now his as well. In addition to this, I’ve noticed a surplus of BBC merchandise as of late, and I’m going with Pharrell being behind it.

With everything he has going for him, Rockie is in prime condition to make a name not only in the music world but as well as the fashion world. What do you think ?